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“Richness, Wildness, No Taxes”
Douglas Adams, HHGTTG

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“Thieves and Mothers”

3-10 March, 1999
Read about why it is so important to always bring more
than one pair of pants and what you do when you suddenly discover
that someone is cleaning your kitchen.


 “A Fried Mars Bar and A Smaller Rear?”

10-17 March, 1999
Contemplating eating some seriously fried food, bicycles
or small children? Read about how the Scots improve their ‘cuisine’
and how they use their buses for more than passenger transport.


 “Gimme one of those golden thingies
(or I’ll kill you with my ‘thank you’ speech)”

17-24 March, 1999
Ever wondered why the Academy Awards only awards Academy
Awards to native-US films? Well, wonder no more, but be enlightened here.
And while you’re at it, get some tips on what to watch on the telly.


 “A Hole in the Road”

24-31 March, 1999
There is something fishy going on
with the City Councils in the United Kingdom, for example
the one reigning in Edinburgh. Read about holes in the roads and
about what they are really used for.


 “Buffalo Bills”

31 March-7 April, 1999
Why do billing systems differ in different
countries? And is it true that people in Milton Keynes
and Kiruna are tossy? Read about this and more as the
wonders of ‘TV-ing’ are explained.


 “Shopping and Golf”

12-19 April, 1999
Have you ever wondered how and how often the
shelves of your local supermarket are stacked? Well, neither had I. Until
I set my foot and started to regularly go shopping in my nearby Scotmid. It turns out
that there is more to shelf stacking than meets the eye. In fact, the art of stacking
a shelf seems to be something that is not mastered at all as quickly as one
might think. No, siree. Read and be educated. Also in this
issue, why does golf exist?


 “Upp Till Kamp Emot Kvalen…Pyttsan”

28 April-6 May, 1999
I got to vote in the first all-Scottish election for
three hundred years! Beat that, if you can. Or read about how it was.
Read also the terrible story of how the harmless exile-Swede Philip was
violated (and it was neither in a shower nor by H.M. Customs upon entering
the Empire last week. Nope, it was by a half wit in a BMW.
Warning – [Parental Advisory]).


 “So…what are you wearing?”

6-12 May, 1999
To some of us, dress code, i.e. the noble art of knowing how
and when to dress in certain ways, is important. It takes your mind off what to
wear and increases the pleasures of social occasions. But, when you experience that
people who, it’s fair to expect, should know these things, disregard them, you get confused.
And when the ‘perpetrators’ are not, say, the Members of the Swedish Government (who, it could
be argued, normally have no clue as to what to wear when), but a citizen of the Empire,
you really start to wonder what has happened to this world.



1 August, 2000
Latest News is finally back! In this edition,
you can read about life in the Olympic City of Sarajevo. You
will find that it is not as life is elsewhere. Life in Sarajevo is, for lack of
a better word, different. This is so not only because of recent experiences from
the war or because people are inherently strange here. As this story will
explain to you, it is so to an equal extent because there are so
many internationals here. Yep, we are strange too.


 “Is that mine? No, that mine is mine”

23 August, 2000
Second edition of the resurrected Latest News.
This edition deals with a wide variety of subjects: what
would you really do in case you ended up in a minefield? And
what’s the odour of Sarajevo like? Oh, and which is the most
popular and useful vehicle in these here parts of muddy, often
flooded, roads with cracked tarmac? Yep, thought those
subjects would please you. Go right ahead!


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