Philip Dygeus

I'm a Swedish photographer living in The Netherlands. As a photographic omnivore I photograph everything that catches my eye, but I also love to make photo projects of subjects which interest me.

My current focus is on improving my portrait photography.

I believe that portraits are not actually 'taken' but are given by the person being photographed. If you would like to participate I hope you will be in touch.

I originally read law, specialising in public international law, and when I am not behind the camera I work for the United Nations. I am also an officer in the Swedish Amphiphious Corps (Marines) reserve and assigned as legal advisor.

I feel passionate about working with challenges to the benefit of others and enjoy co-operating with people from other countries. I love to travel and experience new cultures. Having so far been to some forty countries a lot remains to be explored.

I have soft spots for efficiency, elegance and eloquence. Professionally, I am open with short notice to any exciting challenge which suits my skills and passions.

As I am in the process of making select archive-grade prints available from Saatchi Online don't hesitate to contact me if you see something that you like.